Paternity Attorney in Anderson, South Carolina 

Whether you are a father trying to secure visitation rights or a mother seeking child support, it can be difficult to establish paternity in the legal system. The process of establishing paternity involves several steps and can be time-consuming. In the end, securing legal paternity helps the child, father, and mother. 

An experienced legal advocate can help you navigate the process of establishing paternity.  

At David F. Stoddard Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping each of our clients obtain the best outcome for their families. We are committed to providing professional and personal small firm service. We can assist you in all of your family law issues, including establishing paternity. We proudly serve clients in Anderson, South Carolina, Northlake, Liberty, Pickens, and throughout Greenville County. 

Why Paternity Is Important 

Establishing paternity is key for fathers seeking parental rights and mothers who need support. If the parents were unmarried at the time of the child’s birth, then a paternity acknowledgment affidavit creates a legal connection between the child and their biological father. 

To the Child 

Establishing paternity is important for the child for several different reasons. It makes the child feel that he or she is wanted by the father, strengthening the bond between them. There are many emotional and mental benefits to legal paternity.  

Establishing paternity can help the child in practical ways as well. Paternity gives the child access to information about their father’s side’s medical history and family history. It also entitles the child to the father’s health insurance and other benefits such as Social Security and any inheritance. 

To the Mother 

Establishing paternity is important to the mother as well. It helps mothers in obtaining child support from the father. It can also help by establishing a basis for a more equitable parenting time plan.  

To the Father 

Establishing paternity gives parental rights to the father. This gives the father the legal basis to ask the court for assistance with visitation and child custody issues. It also allows the father to create that legal connection and show their dedication to their child. 

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Establishing Paternity in South Carolina 

As a parent, be aware of the guidelines surrounding establishing paternity in South Carolina. 


If the father is choosing to establish paternity or agrees to it, then the path forward is less complicated. Voluntary paternity involves the father completing a Paternity Acknowledgement Affidavit at the hospital or any county health department after leaving the hospital. To have the father’s name listed on the birth certificate, the parents must visit the Office of Vital Records. 


When the father does not want to be held responsible as the parent, he is an involuntary participant in the process. It’s possible to establish paternity through the court if the father does not agree to establish paternity.  

When Disputes Occur 

Parents may disagree over their roles in the child’s life. Whether the mother or father disputes the identity of the child’s father, it is possible to resolve these disagreements through the legal system in South Carolina. 

Petition to Establish Paternity 

When a disagreement occurs, one parent may file a Petition to Establish Paternity in Family Court. If the father denies that he is the child’s biological father, then the court may order DNA testing. 

DNA Testing 

It’s also possible to establish paternity through DNA testing completed through the Department of Social Services. In DNA testing, the child, father, and mother all have their DNA collected by having the inside of their cheeks swabbed. 

Paternity Attorney in Anderson, South Carolina 

When paternity is in question, be aware of your legal options for doing the best you can for your child. With the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can seek to establish paternity. Our attorney has over 25 years of experience practicing law throughout South Carolina. David F. Stoddard Law Firm proudly represents clients in Anderson, South Carolina, Northlake, Liberty, Pickens, and throughout Greenville County. Contact us today to schedule your free meeting.