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Whether you’re setting out to establish a child custody and visitation agreement, need to modify an existing arrangement, or are ready to fight for sole custody of your child, I am just a phone call away. My office is based in Anderson, South Carolina, but I work with parents and families throughout Greenville County.

Sole Custody

People often assume that sole custody will automatically be awarded to a child’s birth mother — especially if the child is still very young. In reality, though, fathers and life partners can be granted sole custody if the judge perceives that they are better fit to take care of the child or children in question. Truly, there are many factors for a judge to consider:

  • The child’s preferences
  • Each parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs
  • Which environment would give the child a greater sense of stability
  • Each parent’s desire to have custody
  • The mental and physical health of all involved
  • Each parent’s attitude regarding the parent-child relationship between the child and the other parent
  • Any manipulative or coercive behavior that has taken place
  • Any past abuse or neglect of the child or the other parent

Special Circumstances

Of course, this isn’t even a comprehensive list. Every family situation is unique, which can lead to special circumstances. For instance, perhaps you have a special needs child who requires additional caretaking measures. Perhaps you’re a grandparent and feel you should be the child’s rightful guardian. Or perhaps you’re taking rehabilitative measures and want to fight for visitation rights, even if you can’t have sole custody of your child.

As a family law attorney — and, as a family man myself — I have the experience, knowledge, and drive to help you fight for the arrangement that makes sense for you and yours.

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Joint Custody & Visitation

Even through the most painful of divorces or separations, most parents are open to the idea of joint custody. After all, if both parents are loving, capable, and desiring of a relationship with their child, why shouldn’t that relationship be encouraged?

Establishing a Visitation Schedule

Depending on the level of cooperation between you and the other parent, you have two options when the time comes to set up a custody and visitation arrangement:

  • You can collaborate. In other words, you and the other parent can sit down, hash out the details of your arrangement, and then present it to the judge for approval. This option, when done correctly, can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. It also allows you to walk away with an arrangement customized to your situation.
  • You can leave it to the judge. If you and the other parent can’t come to terms on your own, you will likely be assigned a more standardized child custody and visitation arrangement.

In either of the above scenarios, you’ll want an experienced family law attorney guiding the process. Not only can a seasoned lawyer ensure that nothing in your arrangement gets overlooked, but he can also step up and fight for more time with your child if necessary.

Anderson, South Carolina Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer

While I sincerely hope there’s an amicable working relationship between you and the other parent of your child, know that I am here to offer legal support either way. Whether you need an aggressive litigator to fight for you in court or you’re simply looking for legal guidance, consider me your local resource. I’ll fight for your family as if it were my own.