Mr. Stoddard Actually Cares

Mr. Stoddard and his assistant Joan were great to deal with. I had a legal matter arise and needed an attorney. I called several and they all left me with a feeling that they just didn't care about anything more than how fast I could give them a check or credit card. Then I came across Mr. Stoddard's firm. I talked to his legal assistant first and I knew I had the right attorney. I would gladly use him again.

Divorce Client

Explained My Case in Plain English

David responded to my inquiry promptly and stated the issues in plain English. He also presented alternatives to resolve my issue through negotiation or counseling. I thought his input was extremely relevant, going to the heart of the matter I am currently facing.

-Stephen J.
Adoption Client

Knowledgeable & Insightful

Mr. Stoddard is an exemplary attorney that I would not hesitate to refer to anyone and everyone. He provides excellent and informed answers... I have been a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, law professor, and private attorney over the past 24 years and I still regularly learn new aspects about the law from his answers.

-Christopher Leroi
Lawyer Review

Ethical, Honest, & Informative

David Stoddard is an attorney with high moral values as well as strong work ethics. He kept me informed with any changes to my case good or bad, and he gave me honest advice on the best way to meet my needs & timeline. I think David would make a great choice for all your legal needs plus legal advice. I think he is very knowledgeable of the law and is a top choice. Thanks David!

-Jerry C.
Divorce Client

David Made All the Difference

David is the people's attorney, he has had a huge impact on my life. And I'm sure he's not even aware of it. David fought hard for my daughters and I years ago. He won me my children, they are college graduates now and leading a productive full filling life. Who knows where their life would have gone if he didn't fight so hard from a man who's headed to prison now.

He's now my roommate's attorney, bad car wreck. He's come to our home to see her..that in itself is amazing. He returns all calls in a timely manner. He talks to you an explains everything. I've seen other people's dealings with other attorneys and I'm proud to say David is my attorney even tho I might not need him again, but it's a good feeling to know if I do he's a call away. I recommend him to all my friends. Thank you David for actually caring and being an awesome lawyer. Truly gifted.

-Corey Z.
Child Custody Client