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Attorney Stoddard protects South Carolina workers

Anderson, and all of South Carolina, has always succeeded thanks to a committed and prosperous workforce.  South Carolina was one of the first areas to grow tobacco, has a long history of textile production, as well as vehicle and machinery manufacturing, making it an economic hub throughout America’s history.  Even with this proud legacy of committed workers in Anderson County, discrimination in the workplace can be a crippling factor for employees.  Many business owners lack respect due to inappropriate discernment of personnel which can jeopardize workers’ rights.
If you’re experiencing workplace discrimination, Lawyer David F. Stoddard can represent your case.  No matter what you’re unique situation entails, Attorney Stoddard has the experience and commitment to stand up against discrimination from your employer, and get justice.
As an employee, you don’t have to become a victim of discrimination.  Employers cannot discriminate against employees for any of the following reasons:

  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Nationality

If you have fallen victim to judgment based on any of these factors, Lawyer David Stoddard can help you.   The Stoddard Law Firm has assisted many clients with claims ranging this entire list, and Attorney Stoddard has an expert knowledge of legislation regarding these types of conflicts.  This includes Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, The Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  You’ll get the commitment of an experienced lawyer you can trust for your discrimination case with the David Stoddard Law Firm.

Get the Commitment of an Experienced Attorney You Can Trust

Most workers are “at-will employees.”  This means they are not under contract, and can leave at any time.  This also gives employers the right to terminate employment at any time.  However, there are still rules for these relationships, many of which could apply to your situation:

  • Discrimination at work:  This means that no employer can fire any employee due to discriminating factors such as race, age, political affiliation, religion, sex, or nationality.
  • Retaliatory termination:  No at-will employees’ jobs can be terminated for whistle blowing.  This includes filing for workers compensation, engaging in union activity, filing a sexual harassment case, making reports about illegal workplace conditions, or claiming wage violations.
  •  Family and medical leave:  Employers cannot fire an employee who has taken a leave of absence for health complications, to care for someone in their immediate family, or because of pregnancy.
  • Implied contract establishment:  Even if the contract is not in writing, if an employer has promised personal continued employment as long as certain standards are met, this is an implied contract, preventing the employee from being terminated without cause.
  • Refusal to illegal activities:  If an employee refuses to participate in illegal acts that benefit the company, such as not paying taxes or not reporting assets, they cannot be terminated for this reason.
  • Failure to follow policies for termination:  Employers have their own policies for terminating an at-will employee, which they must follow.

Don't Face Wrongful Termination Alone

These factors can create a claim for wrongful termination against an employer in court, and Attorney Stoddard can provide powerful legal representation for your case. With a track record of success in cases involving workers in Anderson, and all of South Carolina, you can put your confidence in his hands. In fact, Lawyer Stoddard has a successful track record representing multiple legal practice areas in South Carolina.

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The David F. Stoddard Law Firm fights for employees throughout Anderson and the entire state of South Carolina. If you are experiencing discrimination in the workplace, contact Attorney Stoddard at 864-375-0000 to set up your free legal consultation, or click the link above to send an email for more information.