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We offer Free Reports with information that may help you make decisions about your case. Call toll free 888.259.6284 extension 1300 to order your free report.

We provide free reports to educate them in the following areas of law:
Criminal Defense
Personal Injury

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This page is provided for the convenience of our clients, and for potential clients who are contacting us just to see if we might be able to help with their legal problem. It includes secure online forms that help us collect information we need to open a client’s file and begin representation, or to open a file just for the purpose of talking to a potential client about his/her legal problem. Providing information to us using our secure online forms, rather than coming in and filling out a paper form, enables us to more efficiently open your file and begin helping you. While other local attorneys charge up to $250.00 just for opening a file, our online intake forms help streamline this time consuming task.